Christmas to a T

Christmas to a T

'Tis T season

There are many Temptations this time of year - cockTails and Treats and many occasions to indulge. In the midst of all that, often the biggest indulgence of all is Time - a few moments to yourself to relax, unplug and replenish. In short, the gift of Tranquili-T. And the easiest way to give yourself that gift is to find a quiet place, put the kettle on and brew up a nice cup of Tea.

Now, you may be one of our many customers who anticipates this time of year for our house-made Christmas tea blend (and companion mulling spice blend). One customer even told us they just put a pot on the stove with the mulling spices just to make the house smell like Christmas - redolent of dried oranges, cinnamon, star anise and other spices. So yes, according to tradition you will find our house blends in a special bin across from the cash counter.

But we also wanted to point you to a couple of new items in our already well-stocked tea section on the north-east wall. Joining the excellent selections from Pukka, Kusmi and House of Tea is a new range of exquisite blends of white, black, oolong, organic and green teas from a Vancouver company simply called Tealeaves. Go for a Lavender Earl Grey or Monsoon Chai or a sampler of flavours - all in truly beautiful packaging.

The Tealeaves collection all come in pyramid sachets. If you prefer a loose-leaf tea such as the Kusmi, try this smart, fun and functional new floating tea-ball system from AdHoc. You'll find them on the shelf among the teas.

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