Big News About Petit Pots

Big News About Petit Pots

Petit Pots

When we first encountered this product last summer, we fell in love with two things about Riviera Petit Pot yogurts: the good stuff inside and the jar it comes in. Riviera comes and goes from some of the big retailers but we're totally thrilled to now be stocking this terrific yogurt and something extra.... more on that in a second.

So, first of all, not only are we carrying their regular non-GMO, set-style yogurt flavours - plain, strawberry, vanilla, coconut and lemon - but we've also got the organic Greek-style in plain, strawberry, rhubarb and fig...PLUS the beautiful salted, cultured butter AND the crème frâiche. They are all top quality products with great taste and texture and the yogurts are the perfect portion size in these totally delightful little glass pots - hence the name.

And here's the really special part of what we're offering at The Mercantile: when you see these little jars you're going to fall in love with them and you're not going to want to put them in the recycling bin. You're going to want to find things to put in them - they're perfect for spices and all sorts of other things. What the big retailers don't offer but we do are the specially made lids that will help you transform your spice cupboard into the most organized, accessible area of your pantry. We've actually had people come in to the store in the last couple of months asking for the lids on the assumption that if anyone in the neighbourhood carried them it would be us. We are now very glad to be living up to that expectation!

Come in and head to the fridge at the very back of the store on the north wall and be prepared to fall in love.

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