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Did you get the latest newsletter from our neighbours at The Cookery? (If not, you should sign up - it's a regular and concise update about in-store specials and upcoming cooking classes). Anyway, this one was all about the BBQ and featured some of Alison's top picks for all you backyard chefs out there.

Now, we have stuff for al fresco cooks too but we got to thinking: OK, what if I'm not hosting the BBQ - not actually wearing the apron or wielding the tongs - but I have been invited as a guest to someone's backyard BBQ party. What could I contribute?

And so we've assembled a great collection of our own personal picks that we think any host would be grateful to add to the condiment table or the cooler: 
From McClure's classic dill pickles to Nanny Hudson's homemade ketchup and relish and from Joe Beef's Smoked Apple Mustard to Twisted Tomato's ghost pepper, dill and bacon flavoured tomato condiments - just to name a few.

On the beverage side, did you know there are a dozen great independent craft breweries all within 15 minutes of Roncy? But hosts and guests are looking for non-alcoholic alternatives these days too and we have some of the best around - including Seedlip's flavourful distillations, 3/4oz's superlative ginger, tonic and cola syrups, Partake's excellent Canadian made near-beer and Gruvi's sparkling prosecco substitute.

So pop into The Cookery for the gear and the know-how and come to us for the rest. Happy BBQ season!

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