An Apple for Teacher, or.......

An Apple for Teacher, or.......

Teachers' gifts

Miss Ellinger embraced me when I arrived late for class in kindergarten. Rowett and Searle challenged me in junior high. Denyer, Kress, Davis and Gartner inspired and encouraged me in high school. Teachers make lasting memories in the kids they teach. And while an apple is a nice gesture on a daily basis (I brought strawberries once for a substitute teacher), as your children mark another year of progress under the guidance of these dedicated people, maybe you'd like to give them something just a little bit more than an apple.

Now, there's no need to go overboard but we have a wide selection of items that would be a perfect token of appreciation for the work they do with your kids every day. Something sweet, something savoury, something practical, nothing too extravagant. Just about anything in the store would be appropriate (they might be able to use some cocktail bitters or a selection of tonics as they contemplate the summer ahead!) but we've put a table of suggested gift items on the main table right as you walk in the door.

Whether summer vacation starts for your family this weekend or next or if your kids are on an extended schedule, now is still a good time to acknowledge the impact a good teacher can have on the life of any student.

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