Added Advents

Added Advents

Alt Advent

Last week we let you know that the Roger's Chocolate Advent Calendars were in. They're popular with many customers who had asked us to give them a heads up - after all, they are a time-sensitive item for the holiday season.

Still, if you're into counting down the Advent but chocolate isn't your bag, maybe a .... bag... would be more your (gosh, this is awkward) bag. Fill the simply decorated numbered paper bags with your own choice of daily treat to mark your own Christmas countdown. Simpler still, set up a string and clip a daily treat or note or decoration to count the days using these beautifully decorated and numbered clothes pegs.

A warning: not only do you need to start your Advent countdown soon but also these Advent items tend to sell out quite suddenly, so whatever your choice - chocolate or paper bags or clips - consider popping into the shop this weekend to pick them up. I suppose you could say that in some ways.... your days are numbered!

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