A Healthy Glow


We always get a special little thrill when someone bursts into the store with a slightly panicked look and says: "Do you have..." and then it's: "pine nuts" or "pomegranate molasses" or "preserved lemons" or "organic dried apricots" or "ras-al-hanout" or "kosher salt" or "dulce-de-leche" or "saffron" or... And the answer is an easy "yes, of course". The one inquiry that has left us at a loss for words over the last little while is "Do you have candles?" We've usually got some birthday candles and a couple of therapeutic candles but it just kind of seemed like not really our thing - like people would probably go elsewhere on Roncy for candles. Until now.

We would like to welcome Pure Beeswax Candles from Kootenay Lake in southeastern British Columbia (if you know BC, think Nelson) to our shelves. And the "healthy glow" thing is not just a turn of phrase either. Apart from the warm glow given by natural beeswax candles, these are made with pure cotton wicks and a paper core and there are no toxic chemicals emitted as they burn . They quite literally have a purifying effect on the air in the room where they're burning. You'll get a good 12-13 hours or more of beautiful light from each taper - and with Thanksgiving coming up, nothing will make your table look or feel better than these beauties. 

Have a look behind the chocolate rack and under the wine gums just behind the checkout counter, where serving our customers is our beeswax (sorry, just had to get that in there somehow!)

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