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Clearwater Farms

Another sure sign of spring is the return of the weekly produce basket from Clearwater Farm near Georgina ON.

This is a little bit different for us as you enter into a direct share relationship with the farm. We function only as a depot for the program. Here's how it works:

Click the image above to go to the Clearwater Farms website and sign up for the weekly basket program. You'll have a few options to choose from including a range of basket sizes, a 24 or 32 week program and a couple of payment options. 

Then, starting next Wednesday (April 18th) Clearwater will deliver your bag of produce to The Mercantile and you come and pick it up. Each week you'll receive 9-12 items of organically grown, local produce, featuring a variety of vegetables, herbs, and fruits along with recipe suggestions so you can meal-plan accordingly.

We're participating again this year because we believe in what Clearwater Farm is trying to do: provide easy, convenient access to top quality organic, chemical-free, local produce; help build the relationship between we city dwellers and the farmers who feed us; and inspire the next generation of food growers for healthier people and a healthier planet through their not-for-profit educational programs. So it's important to emphasize a few things:

  • You don't pay us for the program;
  • You don't administer your profile or alter your preferences through us. All of your communications are directly with Clearwater Farm;
  • We don't store your weekly bag. Be sure to come and collect it on the pick up day. Unfortunately, we have no room in our meagre fridge space to store your bag if you miss the pick up. We can keep it in the office overnight if necessary but after a day or so it's not quite as fresh as it could be and much beyond that we may need to dispose of it.

For the most part, there were no issues last year so we're happy to be part of this program again this year - partly because it reminds of the work we need to do in our own tiny gardens!


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