A Great Fit for Christmas

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You might have noticed on a recent visit to the Mercantile a pile of shoe boxes piled alongside the back table, across from the counter. We are not expanding our product line - we leave footwear to our more-than-capable friends down the street at Imelda! But those boxes do indicate something new in the store - something that's a perfect fit for Christmas:

Call it the Mercantile Prêt-à-Porter line if you will. 
Three distinct boxes featuring three perfect collections of some of our favourite items.

Not sure what to get your niece, the budding chef? Try the Kitchen Essentials box, including top quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, gourmet mustard, Maldon finishing salt and a matching wooden pinch bowl;

Want to encourage a student living off campus with tastes beyond their budget to invite friends or family over in style? The Dinner for 4 box includes our favourite pasta and pesto plus crackers, pickled peppers and tapenade as an appetizer;

Looking for a perfect hostess or teacher gift? Our Elevenses box includes tea, shortbreads, jam, Fraktals chocolate brittle and the famed Meredith's Ginger Syrup.

All collections are neatly swaddled in a soft, reusable flour-sack tea towel and packed elegantly with no need for additional wrapping. No included items require immediate refrigeration so they can all go straight under the tree. 

The Mercantile's Prêt-à-Porter collection: Christmas, ready-to-go.

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