A Bluming Fantastic Beverage

Blume latte mixes

Move over matcha, there's a new mix in town!

Recently arrived from Vancouver, in fact. And while our Canada Day post last week was Ontario-Quebec-centric, there IS a time difference so hopefully this still counts!

Blume is the brainchild of Vancouver pals Ella and Karen and we've already heard buzz in store from a customer just back from the wet coast. If you're looking for an alternative to caffeine in the morning but still crave the creaminess of a latte and want the boosting benefits of turmeric (we start every day with a turmeric-based Morning Mojo) then this is a great option. Or, add a tablespoon to your smoothies or baking or soups or just about anything.

From the basic recipe turmeric to the turbo-charged chilli-turmeric version to the beetroot latte with cinnamon, ginger and clove, each provides its own set of flavour and nutritional characteristics but all are vegan, caffeine-free, gluten-free and organic. Each bag is good for about 30 servings (though you may be tempted to use it in multiple applications for your first bag!)

Get your day off to a great start with Blume!

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