End of a Soapy Era

End of a Soapy Era

The Waterloo Soap Company has had a presence in our store before we were even there! As SoapScope, 297 Roncesvalles was filled with the stuff but moved to a spot at the back of the store when we took over the space coming up on 8 years ago. And it's continued to be a popular spot in the store - with the Waterloo soaps looking almost good enough to eat in their big clear bulk jars and scents that kept customers coming back again and again to replenish their supplies.

Waterloo Soap Sale!

But the Waterloo Soap Co. is about to make yet another move - shifting their business online - so that means the end of an era and the need to make room for something new in that part of the store. So we're having a Waterloo Soap Sale starting today with pre-made packages of three bars for $10. We're hoping that you'll clean us out while you get clean yourself with bars scents including Lavender, Musk, Vanilla, Tea Tree and Lime & Sage.

Come in soon, they won't last long (in our stock, that is - how long they last in your soap dish is kind of up to you!)

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