Wood for Your Wecks!

Wood for Your Wecks!

Mason jars may now be ubiquitous as not only preserve containers and storage jars but candle holders and light fixtures and vessels for drinks from Moonshine to Margaritas. In fact, we carry a line of modifiers for your mason jars to neatly turn them into citrus juicers, oil dispensers and all kinds of things (look under the main table!) but as Mason Jars are to the Mississippi via Brooklyn set, Weck jars are to Ofingen, Germany and canning aficionados worldwide.  You'll find them in the store on the top shelves and within easier reach near the back of the store. They are as elegant and decorative as they are functional. The spring-clip sealing mechanism is ingenious (and, of course, once the seal is made in the canning process you can remove the clips and physics will take care of the rest!)

But if you're using your Weck jars not for food-safe canning but instead for more basic storage or even decorative uses, the clips and rubber rings are kind of overkill. Weck now offers an alternative lid made with gorgeous acacia wood and we've added those to our inventory.

Weck Acacia

Beautiful. Durable. Functional. Don't attempt to do proper canning with these - for that, stick to the spring clips and rings but for a solid storage seal and a lovely look, these are just the right wood for your Weck! 

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