Valentine's Day Part One - All-Star Weekend

Valentine's Day Part One - All-Star Weekend

We've said it before: Valentine's Day is for amateurs. 

It's that one day a year when regular folks are expected to suddenly become sensual savants and choose that perfect restaurant, bouquet, wine, chocolate, lingerie, etc. to help them express the inexpressible. And there are plenty of producers and retailers ready to take advantage of those who might feel some... errrr... performance anxiety around all those choices and send them home with the wrong message in hand.

Now, we figure that if you read this blog, subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on Facebook or just come in to the shop an a regular basis, you're probably not prone to those mistakes. You already know quality when you see it. But, people - this is not only Valentine's weekend but NBA All-Star weekend - it's time to up your game! And we've got two sweet paths to your sweetheart that are slam dunks - one more traditional, the other a little more adventurous.

In this episode, chocolate.

Odile Chocolates

As in the world of basketball, we'd grown accustomed to thinking of the best chocolate as being from anywhere else but home: Brussels, San Francisco, Paris, even Chicago. But - again as in the world of basketball - Toronto is now proud home to some world class chocolate all-stars. Among them we're featuring two in the store for this Valentine's Day. 

Odile Chatelain has had a busy year going back and forth to France on family matters but she's back with a vengeance and at the height of her creative powers. Her latest truffle collection is a perfect choice for Valentine's Day: elegant, perfectly executed chocolates that are both delicious and delicately decorative. Match with flowers and a bottle of Cava or Prosecco and you've got a three-point shot.

And, of course, our good friend Laura Slack has something special for the weekend too. As well as a new selection of exquisite Valentine's Day bars wrapped in pink themed Chiyogami paper, this weekend marks the return of Laura's Frog Prince and a fresh supply of her signature dulce-de-leche skulls.

Thanks to our friends at Foodies On Foot for use of the photo.

Kissing a handpainted chocolate frog or offering a badass chocolate skull to your partner send a different message than the Odlie truffles, so maybe consider a couple of shots of Don Julio Tequila or Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye to accompany. Now that's a beautiful lay-up.

Whatever the shape of your love, we've got you covered.... in All-Star chocolate for All-Star weekend.


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