A Treat You Should Have at Least Twice a Day

How is it that you go into the supermarket or drug store and there is a massive section of different toothpastes promising all kinds of sensations and results and - really - they're all just the same? And no matter what the toothpaste promises, all your dentist really wants is for you to brush three times a day (and floss!) and she doesn't really care which brand of toothpaste you use. Ultimately, the choice comes down to your favourite packaging style and branding. Because no matter which one you choose, it will taste and function much like the others.

But what if there was a toothpaste that actually paid attention to flavour? That made you actually look forward to brushing your teeth just for the sensation of it? That toothpaste, from Florence, Italy, is called Marvis and it is available in store as of today!


Now, if you follow the Marvis link, beware - it will take you to a beautiful, high-resolution website that presents the Marvis product line like rare jewels. Frankly, it's a little over-the-top. We think they're pretty special too - and we've even given them a special section of shelf at the back of the store - but we want you to think of them more simply as a way to add a little elegance to one of your most basic daily ablutions. Sure, it's a bit more expensive than your average toothpaste but between the Amarelli Licorice, Jasmine Mint, Ginger Mint, Cinnamon and three other flavours, they all pack a powerful wallop (they've been called "the Altoids of toothpaste") and you're only going to use a little each day. They come in standard 75ml and 25ml travel-size tubes and we also have the Marvis toothbrush if you're a completist!

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