Treat Yourself AND Treat Yourself Right

Treat Yourself AND Treat Yourself Right

Here's the bad news:
Research shows that about 32% of people who make New Year's resolutions have abandoned them by the end of January. The drop off rate gets even worse over the following months. Not what you might call a good success rate.

The good news is that there are things you can do to improve your success rate. 
For one thing, try not to make it about denying yourself something or withholding something (a negative) - try to make it about giving yourself something, doing something positive. When it's about exercising "self control", just like it sounds, it's almost like engaging a muscle. And once you've clenched that muscle a couple of times it gets tired and you resort to the path of least resistance.
For another, try making your new behaviour into a habit - something you don't even think about - almost like muscle memory, to borrow the physical analogy again.

At The Mercantile, we believe in simpler resolutions that are easier to keep - such as "Treat yourself better". And the fact is, with just about anything in the store, you'll be treating yourself better, even if you're just treating yourself. But if better health is your promise to yourself, you can't get healthier than these perfect-for-breakfast-great-any-time-of-day drinks from our long time neighbourhood friends at Owl & Goose. While the recipe changes slightly from season to season, it's always a beautifully balanced blend of leafy greens, fruits, herbs and ginger that delivers vital nutrients and enhanced alkaline levels in one delicious tasting, bottled daily, raw, unpasteurized smoothie. Available in two sizes, you'll find it in the fridge at the back of the store (warning, we run out most days).

Owl & Goose

Another positive thing you can do for yourself - and help hardworking local producers and help the environment all at the same time - is eat better quality food. Now, we're pretty well served in the Roncy neighbourhood with a wide variety of independent grocers and specialty purveyors all with a keen eye for quality. But we're very excited to announce a brand new addition to the store of something that is one of the most basic items in your fridge: eggs.

Top chefs in Toronto agree that for top quality eggs laid by happy hens without hormones or antibiotics, it just doesn't get any better than eggs from Murray Farms. Murray Thunberg raises heritage breeds of cattle, pigs, turkeys and chickens on his property in Woolwich County, a couple of hours due west of the city. Among the chickens alone there are almost 20 different heritage breeds who spend most of their time outdoors (as long as it's not freezing cold) and enjoy a varied diet - which means the average carton of eggs is a real rainbow of shell colours and the colour of the yolks varies with the seasons depending on what the hens are eating mostly at the time. They're a little more expensive than other eggs available in the neighbourhood but to support happy hens, a dedicated local producer and your own resolutions to treat yourself better, we think you'll find it's worth that little bit extra.

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