The Definition of Community

We moved into the Roncy neighbourhood from College St. - gosh, is it already coming up on eight years ago? Time flies! That move wasn't just a change in location; it was a change in character, a change in mindset and a change in the nature of the business - even though many of our favourite items moved with us. If we had to choose one word to describe that change it would be community. While we had regular customers on College St. in the midst of a very dynamic and rapidly evolving scene, Roncesvalles Village has allowed us to find a real sense of place and establish strong relationships with so many of you.

One of our favourite comments to hear - both from regulars and from visitors to the neighbourhood stopping in to browse while they wait for a table at Barque - is that customers feel they could spend the whole day exploring this store where everything is enticing, everything seems carefully chosen and there's always something intriguing, inspiring and inviting around the corner or right there in the next spot on the shelf. We love that comment because we do take that kind of care in selecting what goes into the store and we like to share our enthusiasm for the new products and new sensations we're always on the lookout to find. And because we have developed this relationship in the store, we feel certain that curiosity is a quality we share with you, our customers.

The neighbourhood has changed a lot over the past decade and continues to do so. But there is a kind of pace and scale to it that somehow seems manageable. We're pleased to welcome new neighbours and new businesses all the time and wish our friends well who are moving on after so many years as part of the very fabric of Roncy (looking at you, Dressers!). But we're especially proud that we've become a kind of essential stop for so many people in the neighbourhood - a place known for it's well curated selection. There's nothing quite like the satisfaction that comes when three different people stop in on a Sunday afternoon (presumably all having just read the same recipe in the New York Times) asking if we have preserved lemon and harissa for a Tunisian dish they want to try - and we don't disappoint.

On those occasions we really feel we've earned a place in your hearts and we just wanted to say the feeling is mutual.

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