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We've just broadened our offering of flavours from Lee's Ghee in the store and it seemed like a good opportunity to answer some questions about ghee in general and offer some options for how to make use of it at home.

So, first, what is ghee, exactly? Well, when you melt butter and let it boil for a bit, the water in it evaporates and the milk solids settle to the bottom. Strain those away and the butter fat that is left will be solid at room temperature, and since the moisture content is very low and there are no more milk solids left in it, it can be kept for a long time without refrigeration. Lee suggests a shelf life of up to a year with her products.

Of course, what makes her ghee a bit out of the ordinary is a) the organic, grass-fed butter she starts with and b) the infusions and aging she applies to the basic product.

Now, what do you do with ghee? Well, obviously ghee has its roots in Indian cuisine so if you already cook Indian food at home or you're following Indian recipes you'll see it pop up a lot with ample instructions but the flavour, health benefits and heat-stability of the product make it a great choice of all kinds of cooking applications. Here's one we tried recently using some Halibut steaks from De La Mer Fresh Fish Market - though you can easily substitute salmon or hake or other firm, fleshy fish that look good:…/8698-halibut-with-indian-rub-a…

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