Define "Useful"

Define "Useful"

Yoga Bunnies

While a lot of people come into the Mercantile just to browse, most of our customers come in knowing what they want (or need) and maybe - just maybe - sometimes leave with a couple of extra treats they didn't know they wanted (or needed).

I cannot tell you what pleasure it gives us when someone approaches the counter with a slightly panicked look on their face and asks: "Do you have Nigella seeds?" or "Do you have organic curry leaves?" or "Do you have Orange Blossom Water?" and we can point them to it right away. You can sense their relief and it feels like we're fulfilling our destiny of being the best little specialties shop around.

Then there are the people who just know it's the best place in the neighbourhood (and sometimes the best in the city) for a well-curated selection of gourmet items and gifts - so even if they're not sure of exactly what they want, they're pretty sure they're going to find it on our shelves. Whether it's popcorn or pickles or pomegranate molasses, cheese knives or tea towels or popsicle makers, almost everything in the store feels like it's waiting to match its special purpose with that special customer.

Honestly, I'm not sure anyone will ever come into the store with a slightly panicked look on their face and ask, "Do you have rabbit figurines doing yoga poses?" And yet, these delightful white resin creatures might be just what someone you know needs in their life. We can't stop looking at them. Like the yoga poses they represent, they bring a sense of calm and balance and there's no way you can look at them and not smile.

So they may not be the most functional things we have in the store at the moment but if you just slightly expand your idea of utility, you might find these bunnies are just the thing you were looking for.

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