Simple Pleasures

Simple Pleasures

Jon's Pops

Sometimes the simple pleasures are the best - like a frozen treat on a hot summer day. And who can forget reaching into that corner store freezer for an ice pop and then gnawing on it until it was almost gone and all that was left was to suck out the last few drops of melted flavour left in that spent plastic sleeve?

But sometimes the simple things aren't so simple. Have you read the ingredients list on some of those ice pops lately? All kinds of artificial flavours and colours and stabilizers and preservatives. Jon's Pops mark a return to simplicity with a distinctly local flavour.

For one thing, he tries to use mostly local ingredients, including Ontario maple syrup and Ontario honey as sweeteners. And for those of you who like less sweet, more flavour, Jon's offers a beautiful selection of flavours that deliver nostalgia, refreshment and refinement in equal doses.

  • Rosehip & Hibiscus: brewed organic hibiscus flower and rosehip herbal tea, organic cane sugar, organic guar gum
  • Spicy Ginger: brewed organic ginger herbal tea, Ontario honey, organic guar gum
  • Maple Syrup: dark Ontario maple syrup, water, organic guar gum
  • Green Tea & Toasted Rice: brewed organic sencha tea and toasted rice, organic cane sugar, organic guar gum

Normally, you'll find them in the freezer case at the back of the store but this coming Sunday from 1-3pm he'll be right out front offering samples. Once you've tasted them, you'll know where to find them every time you need some frosty summer refreshment.

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