Really Cool!

Really Cool!

Tovolo Ice Cube and Ice Pop bolds

Well, there wasn't much in the way of a transition season, was there? This weekend is forecast to be a full-on summer scorcher. Best to be prepared....

We carry an array of ice cube and ice pop molds year round and you've likely heard us wax poetic about the "sound of childhood" that comes when cracking a classic Onyx stainless steel ice cube tray. But new to the store this week is the latest line of ice-pop and cube molds from Tovolo. Sure we've still got the classic silicon large cubes and the ice spheres and the rocket molds but be sure to check out the new monster and tiki and thumbsucker lolly sets. 

The skull cubes will look great in a tequila drink (and come in extra handy at Halloween) but I'm thinking maybe I might get all Lebowski and put a penguin-shaped ice cube in my White Russian!

You'll find all our new and returning icy accoutrements on the main table just inside the store and just in time for our first heatwave!

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