Mom's Day collage

Let's be honest, even if you forgot Mother's Day until the very last minute, our store would be the one you'd want to stumble into in a blind panic. We have so many nice things that could be fine gifts for the table, kitchen or bar (I'm looking at you, copper-handled salad tongs and stainless steel ice cube trays!) or simply a treat that's something a bit special (I'm looking at you,  Laura Slack chocolate bars wrapped in spring-coloured authentic Chiyogami paper!)

But you wouldn't forget mom that way! And neither would we.
That's why we've brought in some extra special items just for the day. They've been moving fast for the last week or so but Sunday is the day so this is your best chance to come in and be as prepared for her as she was having painted the nursery before you arrived.

Every year, Roger's Chocolates of Government St. in Victoria BC puts out a collection of seasonal chocolate gift tins. The ones for this spring are beautiful. And once that delicious chocolate is gone, mom has an extra jewelry box or a colourful tin for her stash!

Mary MacLeod isn't just a great name for a kindly old fictional Scottish lady to put on a box of proper shortbread cookies, she's an actual kindly Glaswegian-born Torontonian who's been making the best shortbread cookies and butterscotch fingers in town for 35 years! From one mom to another, a great little treat for your kindly mother or the person in your life you like to think of as one.

And of course - as always - we have arguably the best selection of cards on Roncy - including (unless the last few disappeared in the time it took me to write this) the Wheel-of-Fortune puzzle that only your mom can truly answer for you.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms in the neighbourhood (and our many visitors!)

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