Chilly Outside, Chillier in the Fridge

Our fridge

We hear all the time (and we appreciate hearing it!) that we have "a lovely store" with "so many nice things". Focussed shoppers and casual browsers alike have remarked on the selection of everything from chocolates to spices, biscuits to candies, hot sauces to honeys, chips, dips, condiments, capers, soft drinks, salad bowls, bitters, beans, teas, nuts, you name it. And that's just in the main part of the store.

At the back of the store - up a couple of steps - is where we keep the Marvis toothpaste, Mrs. Meyers cleaning products, tea towels, personal care products, breadboxes, kids stuff and more. And as the weather warms up, more people will head up there because that's where the freezer is, where we keep our Queen's Pasta and ice-pops (more news about a new product we'll be offering in that department coming soon!). It's also where you'll find our old glass door fridge - still chugging along faithfully. And while it's still cold enough outside that you might not think about looking in, we thought it might be worth reminding you that it too is a beautiful part of the shop, full of a great selection of both treats and kitchen essentials.

New to our existing selection of canned, bottled and tetra packed beverages is a line from the Proper Soda Co. - a Michigan start-up that launched with a Kickstarter campaign a few years ago and offers three fantastic flavours: Coffee soda, Hibiscus soda and - believe it or not - Hop soda, which is not in any way like a de-alcoholized beer but has some of the same headiness and field-taste that's very light and refreshing.

On the other side of the fridge, a whole bunch of products we've featured in this space before, including those beautiful multicoloured Murray Farms organic pastured eggs, Kyopo organic kimchi, Mighty Fine Brine pickles and such, Meredith's Ginger elixirs, Owl & Goose blended drinks, pickled salmon from The Fishery, Bubbie's pickles and horseradish and a small selection of essential cheeses - nothing fancy, we'll leave that to our friends down the street at the Thin Blue Line, but enough of a selection to meet your last minute cooking or entertaining needs.

So, next time you're in the store - take the full tour and visit our fridge.

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