All the Colours but Purple

All the Colours but Purple

Was noticing this morning how much richer the spring green was looking after a day of rain. At the same time all these purple tributes to Prince, whose passing is such a shock - so soon after his appearance back in this city a few weeks ago. He was such an extraordinary artist - so utterly himself for his entire career - and those are such rare people. Obviously a blog from your friendly neighbourhood specialties store is not really the place to render tributes but the original intention for this week's post was to talk about colour and it seemed odd not to address the fact that so many people around our city and around the world are thinking in purple a bit right now. The only thing I could think of to do was to go into the image I'd chosen for this week's post and edit it to move the tint away from purple - muting it as much as possible - to mark his absence. A small and perhaps meaningless gesture but just wanted to do something.

So, with that said, we'd meant to highlight these delightful and colourful plates, platters and mis-en-place bowls that have come into the store. As spring begins to profuse, eating is going to shift into more of that grazing style - maybe some radishes and butter, maybe some olives or those amazing pickled silverskin onions from Manning Canning, maybe some cured meats from our friends at Stasis or Luke's beet-tinged gravlax from De La Mer, some cheese from Thin Blue Line and some proper sourdough from Prairie Boy - and you're going to want to serve all those things on dishes that are as fresh as the food they hold. PLUS our tea towel selection continues to reflect the colours and passions of the season and you know you can always use a new one.

And to drink? Maybe a little cassis or Chambord in your prosecco to toast the life and work of Prince.

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