Something Fishy (in a very good way!)

Something Fishy (in a very good way!)

Well, first of all - WOW! What an Easter Week!

We hope you had a great holiday - we were closed Sunday and Monday and it was a lovely break. And it must be said that it was so nice to come back into the store on Tuesday morning to mostly empty space where all the Easter stuff was. People were very last-minute this year but lots of people hopped in in the final days and hours to stock up on Easter treats and decor so thanks for that. You've made way for some exciting new things coming to our shelves! What little Easter stock remains is, of course, on sale. Come on in for treats that work any time of year like jellybeans and malted eggs!

Now, on to this week's feature:
Lots of people love the fact that we carry a good selection of canned wild salmon and tuna from The Fishery from Salt Spring Island, British Columbia. You'll find it at eye level on the shelves to your right as you come in the store - about half way down. They're a bit more expensive than your regular supermarket canned fish but the difference is clear - in terms of it all being wild caught, in terms of flavour and in terms of it being from a family run business (Arnie Hengstler catches the fish on a boat he built with his dad and brother and his wife Julie runs the retail store in Duncan, BC on Vancouver Island).

What a lot of people don't know is that there are more products from The Fishery at the back of our store. In the freezer, you'll find some beautifully fine salmon and tuna patés and in the fridge, this wonderful pickled wild salmon.

The Fishery's pickled salmon

Beautiful chunks of salmon packed with sliced onion in a tart and sweet marinade of vinegar, water, salt, sugar and dill - nothing else. Wild BC salmon is a treat for much of the world. Let these products from The Fishery be a treat for you, your family and friends at your next gathering . Serve as an appetizer as part of a charcuterie selection, in salads or even with a little rice for a satisfying lunch.

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